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If you are looking for a website, but don't know where to start. Simply go to contact us page and send us what's in your mind, a short piece information will be enough, we will reply you with a FREE proposal with our recommendations.


Great! You are only one step away to start your business successfully. Take a look at the following diagrams to see how our services can help you. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of texts, we simply would like you get the big picture right from the beginning.

1. Business Plan Development

  • A good business plan is essential, it covers your business description, marketplace analysis, products and services, competitors, business model and strategy, as well as financial forecast for next few years. It’s not for anybody but yourself, convince yourself before anyone else. A business plan will help you:
    1. understand what you want exactly
    2. identify targets for your business
    3. keep you away from destructive ideas
    4. success!
    (TIP: 90% new businesses die on its 1st year.)

2. Corporation Branding

  • A professional corporation identity design will earn you more respects and businesses. Corporation identity design includes but not limit to logo, product package, flyer and advertisement, etc. The goal is to have you and your business out stand in front of competitors. Think of the common thing about businessmen work on the financial district, remember? The only common thing is they are all dressed up professionally.

    If business plan sets yourself ready, then corporation branding sets your business ready.

3. Website Design

  • Different types of websites are used for different purposes, depends on your needs, choose the one that fits you the most. Of course, we will help you on that. Just to give you some ideas:
    1. Static Website (display basic business/products/services information with minor regular updates);
    2. Dynamic Website (requires regular updates);
    3. Shopping Cart system to sell merchandise online
    4. Website for your restaurant, flower store, real estate business, etc.

4. Project Management

  • There will be a dedicated team member follow up on your case, and holds full responsibility of it. You can talk to him/she directly about the project. There will also be an online project management system for you, to check out the project process at any time. You may leave a comment, feedback or even a task. Moreover, there will be dedicated FAQs and video training if you are new to the field. Don’t worry, our full time job is here to service you.

5. Online Marketing

  • After your online business has being established, marketing is the next step. You want your customers to know about you, and the beauties of your products and services. Online marketing will help you reach the targeted customers instantly. We could do it through some major advertisement carries, such as google, yahoo, bing, etc. Depends on your industries, there will be more sophisticated methods specialize on different market segments.

6. Train and Ongoing

  • We would like to establish a long-term relationship with you, to continuously monitoring the website performances and clients turn-back rate, to improve your business constantly. Our ultimate goal is to help you success. We love to see our clients – you and your business get seeded, grow and fly. You can completely trust us as your first and yet one of the most important strategic business partners.

Congratulation! You have shown your eagerness to start your own business. As a reward, send us a short email, tell us what’s in your mind, and we will reply you back with a FREE proposal; meanwhile, you can continue on our portfolio section.

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